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Shop Diamond Engagement Rings in Dothan, AL 

If you’re planning a surprise proposal, you may need help figuring out the type of engagement ring your partner really wants. Asking friends and family or sneaking around their jewelry box may not suffice. So, if talking to your partner about their preference is not an option, Strickland Jewelers is here to help you pick the perfect diamond engagement ring in Dothan, AL! Learning more about the trends in the world of engagement rings will ensure that your proposal is a resounding success. 

1. Diamond Solitaire 

For many couples, there is only one preferred choice. The striking solitaire has long been a favorite, and while some design trends come and go, this one is here to stay. A solitaire engagement ring provides a subtle and simple, classic look for the special person in your life! This setting puts your diamond squarely in the spotlight, so the cut and quality of the stone are crucial. Choose between the classic round brilliant, the popular princess cut, or go with something more distinct in a radiant, emerald, oval, pear, or marquise shape. Antique cushion cuts are rapidly trending and bring the diamond’s style back to its early beginnings. Finally, the heart-shaped diamond in a solitaire speaks volumes for the romantic soon-to-be-fiance in your life. 

2. Pave Setting 

Pave engagement rings exude luxury with the surface of the ring covered in diamonds creating a continuous glittering surface. You can select any gemstone for your pave engagement ring, but of course, the most popular rings are made with diamonds set closely together and held in place by tiny beads of gold or platinum. Get the extra sparkle and less metal with a stunning line of light and glitter. The only consideration to make with a pave set ring is that resizing can be difficult in the future. If you opt for a ring with stones all the way around the band, increasing or decreasing the size will be very hard for the jeweler to achieve, so consider this when deciding.

3. Three Stone Rings 

Three Stone Rings, also known as Bostonian rings, are said to represent the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of your relationship. Princess cut diamonds are a common choice for this engagement ring style and you’re now just as likely to find diamonds set alongside colored gemstones such as rubies and sapphires as you are a trio of bright, beautiful whites. More traditional designs display a large diamond in the center flanked by two smaller stones; however, modern styles now commonly feature side stones that are nearly the same size or indeed equal to the center stone, exhibiting the consistent and enduring nature of the love. 

4. Halo Rings 

A setting to enhance the center stone, the striking halo ring is a setting where the center gemstone is encircled and enclosed by a number of pave diamonds. This creates an amplified visual impression and frames the center diamond in a most striking way. The initial heyday of the halo was in the 1920s, but thanks to growing interest in vintage styles today, this style is enjoying a real resurgence. The cut is crucial in halo rings, which place brilliance at the center of the ring design. Cushion and oval cuts are common, but princess and round diamond cuts are most popular. Halo rings are also becoming more ornate with small diamonds that don’t just circle the main stone but radiate from every angle, providing pretty profile views too. Double halo designs are also popular, along with colored gemstone halos that make a feature of stones in different shades encircled with bright white diamonds.

5. Bezel Setting 

Bezel Setting rings are often sought due to their modern look and for reasons of practicality, but that doesn’t mean they are any less beautiful. As the most secure type of setting, the bezel places the focus on a centrally located diamond, which is carefully wrapped to the rim with an elegant edging of gold or perhaps platinum. This stylish setting protects the diamond and keeps your gaze focused on the sparkling star attraction. You can have either a full or partial bezel setting – with a full bezel, the jewel is covered on all sides to expose the top of the stone; with a partial bezel, only a section of the gem is covered. Partial bezels can allow for profile views of the diamond and may also make it easier to clean at home. 

Shop Engagement Rings at Strickland Jewelers in Dothan, AL 

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