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With the arrival of September comes the celebration of one of the world’s strongest and most natural gemstones. Second to diamonds, sapphires are a well-loved gemstone symbolizing wisdom, nobility, and enlightenment. Popular across continents and centuries, they represented divine blessings during the Middle Ages, granted enlightenment for Buddhists, and protection for Christian royalty. If you’re lucky enough to have this stunning birthstone for your birthday or you simply adore its elegance, there are many ways you can adorn this stunning stone. 

Fun Facts About Sapphire 

Sapphires are a beloved gemstone that, when cut correctly, can exhibit an array of colors. Outside of red gems (rubies), sapphires can be any color of the rainbow, including yellow, green, and pink. White sapphires are also possible to find. Blue sapphires, however, tend to be the most popular and typically acquire more value the bluer they are. When sapphires contain a hue other than blue, they are referred to as “fancies.” The hue, saturation, and tone of a sapphire determine its allure: the color is determined by the amount of chromium and iron within. 

Here are a few more facts about sapphire: 

  • The classic “true” blue sapphire, inclusive of a purple tint, originates from India’s Kashmir region. Sapphire deposits are now found in many parts of the world, including Thailand, India, Myanmar (Burma), China, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and North America. 
  • Though Australia was the largest source in the late 20th century, Madagascar is now the world’s leading producer of sapphire.
  • The location where sapphire is mined plays a role in its value, similar to aspects like Cut, Color, and Carat weight.
  • Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with an 18 Carat blue sapphire engagement ring, which Prince William later used to propose to Kate Middleton. 
  • The origin of the name “sapphire” likely comes from the Latin word “sapphirus,” which means blue stone. 
  • Sapphires are extremely durable, earning a 9 on the Mohs scale.

Tips on Buying Sapphire 

When you begin your search for the ideal sapphire, remember the same rule that applies when shopping for diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These 4 C’s will affect the price of the sapphire in some way. In addition to color, clarity, carat weight, and cut, you should also research the treatment and location of your sapphire. The treatment of the sapphire is a process that is taken to help improve the color, clarity, and overall value of the gemstone. Natural sapphires without treatment are rare, and their cost reflects such; therefore, heated treatment is frequently used to enhance a sapphire’s color or improve its clarity. 

Sapphires can be treated in a number of ways, including beryllium diffusion, fissure filling with glass, and surface diffusion. These treatments are performed outside of the typical cutting of the stone, and the type of treatment will greatly affect its price.

Sapphire Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry 

One of the most popular sapphire colors for an engagement ring is blue, as it offers a unique and elegant look to its wearer. Choose a sapphire engagement ring that fits your personality. The cut of the gemstone is an important consideration as it can make a huge difference in color depth and brilliance. It can range from a more rounded stone to even a heart-shaped gemstone; when choosing the cut, just be sure it highlights the particular sapphire you have chosen. 

Blue sapphire is also a popular choice of jewelry, and its many forms include necklaces, bracelets, stud earrings, and pendants. Blue sapphires and other fancy-colored sapphires make for exceptional jewelry. Their beauty is enriched even more so by the deep meaning they hold for those born in September. Sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces make the perfect gift for your loved ones celebrating another year around the sun! 

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